International School for Psychotherapy

International School for Psychotherapy

International School for Psychotherapy, Counseling and Group Leadership

Basic Principles

The three year curriculum of the School is grounded in principles of Humanistic and Existential Psychology, as presented in the work of Carl Rogers, Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, Roberto Assagioli, Victor Frankl, Fritz Perls, Rollo May, and others. The School’s educational approach is based on the premise that in the course of professional training the process of personal and spiritual development is as important as extensive theoretical and technical education.

In contrast with the predominant theoretical focus of traditional psychological training in Russia, the School gives priority to practical experience, thus broadening the horizon of the university education of its students. The primary mission of the International School is to prepare professionals for efficient practical work and we consider this training process to include personal exploration and discovery as well as intellectual understanding and clinical skill.

With this in mind we provide them with a diverse cross-cultural learning, synthesizing professional experience from different countries and a range of the psychological disciplines.

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