Harmony in Business

Work with organizations is one of the leading and constantly developing areas of the Harmony Institute. We provide a wide spectrum of services and training programs for businesses and organizations.  The basic principles of our operation are professionalism, individual approach, and long-term cooperation, some examples of such work being our projects with Gazprom and Heineken International Ltd.  

We believe that success in business is in many respects determined by the "human factor", and that organizations benefit from the introduction of the practical psychology methods into business. 

In each specific case training programs and consulting procedures are developed and selected according to the problems and tasks of the organization; a special study of the situation in the organization is conducted if necessary. 

We will be glad to accept and discuss any proposals from those who are interested in Harmony in Business® programs.

Please contact us at: group@inharmony.spb.ru.

The Director of Harmony in Business Programs is Irina Toporeva.

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