Conference – 2016

Conference – 2016

IX Annual International Conference
“Self and Other: Space for Dialogue”
April 29 – May 3 2016,
St.Petersburg, Russia

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
On behalf of Harmony Institute we would like to invite you to the IX International Conference
“Self and Other: Space for Dialogue”.

In these times of complexity, political instability, and pressure it is hard to overestimate how much depends on the quality of relations within and between our societies, countries, families, groups, and within ourselves. The bonds and connections we establish help us to feel safer, more secure and stable and to withstand the threat of fragmentation. Therefore we find it very helpful, reassuring and supportive to keep learning and exploring about Diversity, Difference, and Otherness which we all face professionally and in our everyday life.

With your help we would like to look into the complexity of relations between different cultures, traditions, and ethnicities, between people of different religions and different opportunities. That is why it is so important for us to have participants from various countries and places within Russia.

During the Conference we will offer over 50 workshops, lectures, seminars, dialogue groups, discussions, and other events. You will be able to share your experience, make new connections, find new friends and learn about yourselves and others.

Here you can read more about our last conference.

Location: As it has been for the last 6 years, the Conference will take place at Kochubei Palace in Pushkin (former Tsar’s Village that is famous for its gardens and palaces) in a 30 minute drive to the South of St.Petersburg.

The registration starts on April 29, at 3 pm and the Opening Ceremony begins at 7 pm. Every day will have several events: morning lecture, workshops of your choice, dialogue groups and evening events (lectures, concerts, round tables, watching and discussing movies, open space etc). The Conference closes around 5 pm, on May 3.

We will update the information about our conference and our presenters here

Terms of participation (conference fee + room and board April 29 - May 3):
For a single room $630*
For a double room $560* per person

Conference fee includes participation, room and board from April 29 to May 3, formal letter of invitation and support for getting a Russian visa, transfer from and to the airport, translation at the conference.

*Costs might slightly change depending on the rate (we will inform our participants about that in advance). 


Please let us know if you are  interested or if you have any questions.
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