Endorsers and Partners

Organizations Providing Financial Sponsorship (past and present):

American Jewish World Service
Charity Aid Foundation (UK)
Keystone Foundation for Children and Families
Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) (USA)
St. Petersburg City Government (Russia)
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in the Northern Caucasus)
Trans-Cultural Network for Global Psychology and Education
Uniterra Foundation (USA)


Harmony Institute Endorsers

American Psychological Association
Antioch University (USA)
Association for Humanistic Psychology (USA)
Common Bond Institute (USA)
Concord Consortium (USA)
Concord Institute (USA)
Consul for Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychologies (USA)
Helen Dowling Institute for Biopsychosocial Medicine (Holland)
International Humanistic Psychology Association
National Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Norway)
Russian Association for Telephonic Emergency Services (Russia)
Russian Independent Psychiatric Association
St. Petersburg State University (Russia)
Union Institute (USA)


List of Endorsers for the International Conference on Conflict Resolution

Association for Humanistic Psychology (USA)
Arab American University at Jenin (Palestine)
Association for Transpersonal Psychology (USA)
Beyond Borders (USA)
British Association for Humanistic Psychology (UK)
Carl Rogers Institute for Peace (USA)
Center for Psychology and Social Change (USA)
CommonWay Institute (USA)
Conflict Resolution Network of Australia (Australia)
Coventry University Centre for the Study of Forgiveness and Reconciliation (UK)
Earth Circle Sanctuary (USA)
EMDR Institute (USA)
Esalen Institute Russian/American Center (USA)
Fardowsi University (Iran)
Foundation for Community Encouragement (USA)
Fundacion Mujeres En Igualdad (Argentina)
Georgian Association for Humanistic Psychology (Georgia)
German Association for Humanistic Psychology (Germany)
German Institute of Humanistic Psychology (Germany)
Gesundheit! Institute (USA)
Global Intuition Network (USA)
Global Thinking Project (USA)
Global Process Work Institute (USA)
Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians (USA)
Heart With Wings (USA)
Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution ICAR (USA)
Institute for Global Education (USA)
Institute for Noetic Sciences (USA)
Institute for Transpersonal Psychology (USA)
International Humanistic Psychology Association (USA)
International Center for Nonviolent Communication
International Conflict Resolution Center of Australia (Australia)
International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace
Islamic Association for Humanistic Psychology (Iran)
Jane Goodall Institute (UK)
Japanese Association for Humanistic Psychology (Japan)
Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology (Lithuania)
Lithuanian Group Psychotherapy Association (Lithuania)
Maagalim Institute for Psychology and Counseling (Israel)
Moscow State University (Russia)
Moscow Association for Humanistic Psychology (Russia)
New Age Journal (U.S.)
Northern Mexico Humanistic Psychology Association (Mexico)
Office of Tibet (South Africa)
Organizational Development Institute (USA)
Peace Psychology division of American Psychological Association (USA)
Person Centered Expressive Therapy Institute (USA)
Physicians for Social Responsibility (USA)
Praxis Peace Institute (USA)
Psychologists for Social Responsibility (USA)
Psychosomatic Ontosophy Association of Italy (Italy)
Rhodes University (South Africa)
Rural Southern Voice for Peace (USA)
Russian Association of Telephonic Emergency Services (Russia)
Russian Independent Psychiatric Association (Russia)
Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center (USA)
St. Petersburg Association for Humanistic Psychology (Russia)
St. Petersburg State University (Russia)
Sufi Order International (USA)
The Politics of Trust (USA)
Transnational Perspectives (Switzerland)
Union Institute (USA)
United Nations Non-Governmental Organization for the University of Peace (USA)
Vilnius University (Lithuania)
Wonkwang University of South Korea (S. Korea)
World Health Foundation for Development and Peace (USA)
World Peace and Friendship Society (India)

Educational Affiliates:

Association for Humanistic Psychology (USA)
Cross-Cultural Consultants (USA)
DISPUK Dansk Institut for Supervision, Personaleudvikling, Undervising & Konsultation (Denmark)
EMDR Institute (USA)
Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute for Economic and Social Studies (Switzerland)
Jane Goodall Institute (UK)
IMATON Institute (Russia)
Lesley College (USA)
Helen Dowling Institute for Biopsychosocial Medicine (Netherlands)
Herzen State University (Russia)
Meta-Senter (Norway)
New Context Consulting (USA)
Psychosynthesis and Education Trust (UK)
Psykosyntes Akademin (Sweeden)
Rockland Community College (USA)
Samways Foundation (USA)
Union Institute (USA)
Western Michigan University School of Social Work (USA)
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