Social projects

Harmony Institute has always been involved in social programs focusing mainly on providing psychological support and trainings for helping professionals.

In 1989 Harmony started the first Hotline Service for Children, Adolescents and Their parents in Russia. Since then trained psychologists have been providing 24-hour free psychological support for this population. Our service works 24 hours a day and has two channels. You can reach us at 708-40-41.
We also run a free Psychological Help Office for university students of St. Petersburg. The office works Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the University Outpatient Clinic #75 (9, Kuznetzovskaya Str.). To make an appointment, please, call 369-8601.
In partnership with the Social Support Center of Kirov district of St. Petersburg we’ve been carrying out Senior Citizens Support project. The project was started two years ago and includes free psychological help for the elderly and trainings and supervision for social workers caring for the old people.
During the 20 years of its existence Harmony had several programs for challenged children.
At the moment we are carrying out a Program to teach adolescents healthy and responsible attitudes toward alcohol which includes trainings for adolescents, consultations for their parents, and an educational program for social teachers of Moskovskiy district of St. Petersburg. Our partner in this program is Heineken International Ltd.
Most of the social programs are carried out in partnership with charities, state agencies and businesses. To ensure the long-lasting cooperation we participate in grant competitions and look for partners who share our values.
Harmony has a big experience in trauma work. We have conducted  several projects providing psychological support to trauma survivors and educational trainings for helping professionals:
1991-1994 Psychological help and rehabilitation for Afghanistan veterans.
1995 One-year School for psychologists and medical doctors from different Russian regions on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (in partnership with Olimpia Institute (USA))
1994-1996 Psychological help and rehabilitation for the liquidators of Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion.
1996 Work with Perm Regional Penitentiary Department specialists
1999 Trainings for psychologist of the Non-military Security Department in St. Petersburg
Since 1998 our specialists have been conducting rehabilitation and training programs in the Northern Caucasus area:
1998-2000 Program for combatants “Purification of the Soldier”(in partnership with the NGO Women of the Don (Novocherkassk))
2000-2003 Training and rehabilitation program for helping professionals in the Northern Caucasus (in partnership with the Open Society Institute, Soros Foundation, USA)
2002 Hosting an all-Russian conference on War and Trauma and publishing conference materials
2005-2006 Rehabilitation program for helping professionals working with the terrorist attack survivors in Beslan (in partnership with CAF, Russia) 
2006 Rehabilitation program for psychologists and social teachers of the center “Doveriye”(Trust) working with Beslan children (in Partnership with Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in the Northern Caucasus) 
2006 Supervision for psychologists working with Beslan terrorist attack survivors (in partnership with American Jewish World Service).
2006 Social and psychological research of Beslan families to define the need for creating psychological counseling service for children and families in Beslan (supported by UNISEF).
2005-2008 Training programs for school psychologists and teachers from Chechnya “Social and Psychological Counseling in Secondary School” (supported by UNISEF).
2007-2008 Supervision program for helping professionals in the Northern Caucasus (in partnership with Keystone Foundation for Children and Families).
2008 Supervision program for the specialists of the Socio-Psychological and Medical Center of Grozny (in partnership with UNESCO)
2009 Rehabilitation work with helping professionals in South Ossetia (supported by CAF).
2009 Organizing telephone hotline service in Chechen Republic, Republics of Ingushetia and Dagestan (in partnership with UNISEF).
2009-2010 Psychological Counseling training for teachers and psychologists of South Ossetia (in partnership with CAF)
Our project work experience is presented in the following publications:
2001 A Handbook on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
2002 War and Trauma. Conference Materials
2006 Psychological State Study of Beslan Families Surviving 2004 Terrorist Attack
2008 Helping Professionals’ Burn-Out Prevention 
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