Previous Conferences

Previous Conferences

III International Conference "Self and Other: Space for Dialogue"

April 28 - May 2, 2010

St.Petersburg, Russia

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From April 28th till May 2nd 2010 the Third International Conference "Self and Other: the Sacred Space for Dialogue" took place in St. Petersburg.

The organizer of the conference is Harmony Institute for Psychotherapy and CounselingThis year more than 250 people took part in the Conference from Russia, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, USA, Germany, Estonia and Ukraine.

Traditionally the conferences of Harmony have practical orientation. They give an opportunity to gain experience by participating in seminars, workshops, discussions and dialogue groups. This year the choice was great: during the four passed days there were 46 of them.
We tried to make the program of the Conference this year covering a wide range of professional interests: aspects of psychotherapy and counseling, the problems of institutional development, education, cross-cultural issues. An outstanding interest was evoked by presentations of representatives working with different groups of people in difficult life situations. Participants noted the importance of diversity of topics discussed at the Conference, and their practical orientation.
“I’ve got a lot of information and experience, met interesting and important people for my further development people during a short time”
"Interesting topics of the workshops, high professional level, warm atmosphere.”
 "The variety of choice.”
 “The orientation of the conference is very interesting, a lot of practice, I’ve got new ideas."
 "NONformat” which is worth to emulate! The practical orientation of workshops and seminars is impressive!”

The particular value of this conference is a special community, atmosphere of creativity, inspiration, and openness. There is a contribution in this atmosphere of each participant in every minute, whether it is a seminar, a walk around, an evening concert or informal communication. The participants in their comments also noted the importance of the international nature of the conference, an opportunity to meet with experts from different countries, with different approaches in psychology. The high professional level of translation of all activities of the conference also helped to create such an atmosphere.
 "Great, emotionally, professionally."
"...The experience of the conference was good and very important to me -a real opportunity for self exploration, for getting in touch with new people you really feel you have something in common with etc. So thank
you again for providing such a "sacred space for dialogue" - I am really impressed by organizers ability for presence and warmth. In all the conferences I have attended I never experienced exactly that quality you
were able to provide us with!" (Einar Columbus Salvesen, Norway)
"Different views, sincere, very warm and accepting relationships…  I’m inspired, inspirited to work mostly by relationship and interaction of professionals from many different countries and approaches " (E. Ugoleva, Russia))
“With all my heart I would like to thank the organizers of the Conference "Self and Other: the Sacred Space for Dialogue”. Days I spent at the conference were filled with warmth and attention. I understand how it is difficult to organize such a space where you feel welcome, considering that there were so many guests..." (L. Kotenko, Russia)
Many participants are going to attend the next conference, and recommend it to their colleagues and friends.
"I knew about the Conference a very long time ago, but still could not organize myself and come. This year, I’ve planned it in advance. The event lived up to my expectations... To mention all the facts is impossible. I filled a thick notebook with my thoughts and reflections. Also the Conference was held in a divine place, and every moving in Kochubei’s summer house was becoming a psychotherapeutic quest… I have already decided that I’m participating next year. And I am taking my colleagues with me. (Tatiana Pogosova, Russia)
"I feel so enriched after the conference and so thankful. Our wish and thoughts now is to come back and bring some of our students with us!"  (Berit Bårdsen, Norway)
“Thank you very much for the Conference, for this wonderful space, for all of you!!! We are looking forward to coming in 2011!" (Victoria Poplutina, Russia)
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